Welcome to 420insurance.com, the first insurance brokerage dedicated to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Since 2006, we have helped our clients keep in compliance with medical marijuana industry requirements, while providing risk protection.

We provide Premises Liability, Doctor's Medical Malpractice Liability, Workers Compensation, Property and Equipment and Health insurance specifically for the medical marijuana industry.

Our Clients

We provide insurance coverage for all of our customers unique needs. Representing over 100 insurance companies and being licensed in all 50 states allows us the ability to be your "one stop insurance shop". For more information about how we can provide you the highest quality service, please contact us.

Our Clients Include:

  • Medical Marijuana Physicians/Clinics
    Professional Liability Designed For Prop. 215 Physician's
  • Dispensairies/Co-operatives
    Single or multiple locations
  • Medical Marijuana Growers
    Coverage for your crops during the complete growing cycle
  • Delivery Services
    Low cost automobile insurance
  • Bakeries/Eataries
  • Novelty Item Shops
  • Smoke Lounges
  • Hydroponic Stores
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Bed & Breakfast Locations
  • Not for profit organizations
  • For profit organizations
  • Vendors/Distributors
  • and many others...