Welcome to 420insurance.com, the first insurance brokerage dedicated to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Since 2006, we have helped our clients keep in compliance with medical marijuana industry requirements, while providing risk protection.

We provide Premises Liability, Doctor's Medical Malpractice Liability, Workers Compensation, Property and Equipment and Health insurance specifically for the medical marijuana industry.


How private and secure is our information? Is our information confidential?

We designed the Medical Marijuana Division with this in mind. Any information that is shared with us is PRIVATE. We do not share any information or paperwork with anyone other than our insurance carriers. We have confidentiality agreements in place with many of our clients in order to guarantee their privacy. We are glad to provide one upon request.

Can 420insurance.com provide client references?

References can be provided upon request. However, being that confidentiality is a key factor with our clients we hope that our knowledgeable staff and top-notch service will speak for itself. Our business is all referrals and word of mouth. If you ask around, most likely your colleagues are already insured with us. Our clients trust is the foundation to the medical marijuana division.

Is insurance required to operate a medical marijuana business?

Yes!!! The state of California requires ALL business owners to carry workers' compensation coverage for their employees. If you do not have coverage in place, you will be fined and your business will be shut down!!!

Also, in order to protect yourself from a lawsuit, you must purchase general liability insurance to coverage in the event someone that someone is injured inside your premises.

Where can I purchase affordable insurance to protect my medical marijuana business?

420 Insurance has several exclusive "A' rated insurance programs that meet the needs of ALL businesses related to the medical marijuana industry.

General Liability $1,000,000 and up.
Workers Compensation
Property Management
Automobile (Personal or Business)
Health &M Medical
and many more...

How do I obtain a FREE quotation today?

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